Perfume List: 5 Types of Fragrances for 5 Types of Men

Here is a digest of a posh list of masculine scents as compiled by French journalist Claire Mabrut for the Figaro, September 28, 2004:

- The Man with the British Touch: he is chic but he is also an eccentric, seemingly conservative and classic in his appearance, but revealing a bit of a nutty personality.

What should he wear? Falsely classic scents which are a bit skewed:

• London for Men, by Paul Smith (his clothes are also by Paul Smith)
• Brit for Men by Burberry, inspired by 70's icons Keith Richards and Mike Jagger
• Original Vetiver by Creed (when in the City)
• Penhaligon Racquet's Formula (when in the City)
• Sonia Rykiel Grey when he goes back to France (where he is allowed to be more sensual apparently)

-The Business man: on the go, organized, busy. He favors a discrete type of elegance.

• L'Essenza di Zegna (his clothes are by Zegna)
• Ferre Lui de GF
• Jil Sander Pure for Men
• Carolina Herrera Chic

-The Bourgeois-Dandy: he just doesn't know how to behave ordinarily. His perfumes as well as his clothes and art objects are meticulously researched. Each ingredient in his perfumes must correspond to his personality.

• Cologne Blanche by Hedi Slimane for Dior (based on an 18th century recipe)
• Colognes à La Russe, à L'Italienne et à La Française by Institut Très Bien
• Guerlain L'instant for Men
• Hugo Boss Baldessarini (when on a romantic date)

-The Luxury Sportsman and Traveller: he drives luxury cars, goes yachting and travels to exotic destinations

• L'Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu (brought it back from Africa)
• Issey Miyake L'Eau Bleue
• Roger & Gallet Cologne (reminds him of Sicily)
• Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto for Men

-The Mountain Type: he likes to be seen at hip ski resorts. Likes refinement and follows fashion. He is also a seducer.

• Armani Black Code
• Escada Magnetism for Men
• Gucci for Men
• Yves Saint Laurent M7Fresh (when he skis)

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  1. How funny they list Chic for business men - to me it's such a sensual fragrance. I mean, it IS elegant, but it's not what I'd ever think of as a business/office scent at ALL, because it doesn't seem discrete to my nose really. Sure is sexy, though.

  2. Maybe for when he has a date then? I hope he is not THAT busy as to have no time left for romantic endeavors in between two flights.

    Mimi Froufrou

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