Color On Eye Envy (2008)

Color-On-Eye-Envy-Exotic.jpgMakeup artist Irina Losilevich patented an instant-beauty technology with her press-on eye-shadows 16 years ago, yet it is only last year that her Color On Professional ™ eye-shadow kits, dubbed Eye Envy, started garnering national attention.

These mineral eye-shadows are ready to apply and are meant to last a long, long time. The brand promises to deliver the kind of polished look only a professional makeup artist could easily achieve and in a jiffy too...

They offer several palettes of classical and trendy colors and effects. What caught my eye, of course, was the most dramatic one in the lot, the one that would make you look like you had some real hitherto non-broadcast skills: the Exotic Kit.

Want a change from or a complement to the Shu Uemura dreamy false lash looks? Look no further than to these "eye envies" that will make part of you look like a zebra, the savanna, or seemingly be dressed in military camouflage fatigues.

These eye shadows are reported to be "...100% hypoallergenic, long-wearing, and crease-proof" [...] each box contains five pairs of eye shadow appliqués, one jar of GetSet setting powder, and one powder application brush. Step-by-step instructions with application tricks and tips are also included."

You can watch a video explaining how to do it on the brand's website; it looks simple enough.

The Exotic Kit is priced at $ 25. Color On Pro also proposes Rhapsody in Grey Kit, Smokey Kit,  Flaunt Kit, Precious Metals Kit and Tropics Kit, which are all exclusive to Sephora. Other kits are available on Color On Pro's website.

Other source: Spa Trends

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  1. this is the coolest f**king thing everrrrrrrr.

  2. were can i get it at

    maribel ceja
  3. I got my set at Sephora, in the US

    Chant Wagner

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