Kate Moss Vintage (2009): The Ad, The Notes {New Perfume}

Vintage-Kate-Moss-Ad.jpgOne of the most anticipated celebs scents this fall is Vintage by Kate Moss, the fourth fragrance launch for the top model. Vintage has been in the news for a while (see here and here), but now come the more concrete details.

The scent is said to be a fruity-floral oriental with powdery and fresh facets...

Vintage-kate-Moss-bottle.jpgThe smoky topaz flacon houses a perfume that has notes of pink peppercorn, white freesia, mandarin, heliotrope, jasmine and almond blossom which make up the fruity-floral accord while the oriental accord rests on tonka bean, vanilla and musk.

The price points and bottle sizes are recession-friendly:

Vintage by Kate Moss
Eau de Toilette 15 ml : ca. 17,50 €
Eau de Toilette 30 ml : ca. 29 €
Shower Gel 200 ml: ca. 13 €
Bodylotion 200 ml: ca. 13 €
Bodyspray 150 ml: ca. 13 €

For more articles on Kate Moss perfumes, see:

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Via gofeminin.de

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  1. I like the ad. Very feminine and seductive. Sort of Gilda-like. I never tried the scent, though. I'm afraid I'm very prejudiced against celebrity scents. 'La Madrague' (Brigitte Bardot; named after her own house in Saint Tropez) and Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve) were the only CS I ever wore. Beautiful, both of them. Especially Deneuve. Hard to get, these days. And awfully expensive.


    • I can understand why you might have a bias against celebrity fragrances. They seem a bit cult-oriented for one thing and who would want to feel like you are going to buy a perfume just based on the reputation and aura of someone who most of the time has little engagement with perfume? But I think that if the premice of a celeb scent might appear to be commercially crass, the perfumes themselves can be quite good.

      La Madrague I don't know but Deneuve I have some that I had found.

      To me celebrity perfumes are fun and interesting as a larger phenomenon.

      Chant Wagner
  2. in fact, I love kate velvet hour. It's one of my fave ones..

    • I have the perfume -- need to test it

      Chant Wagner

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