So, What's Your Bet on the Color of the Queen's Hat? {Fashion Notes}


Hats are all-important in British culture (and in my book too) and the Queen's hats have always been a prime focus of debate on taste, the destinies of look and the stability of the monarchy in the UK.

On the eve of the Very Big Day of Catherine Middleton and Prince William, all bets are taken on what the color of the hat of Elizabeth II will be. We remember her wearing a turquoise hat (and matching dress of course) for the marriage of her second son, Andrew, with Sarah Ferguson. What will its color be this time or what should it be, do you think? The people is waiting with bated breath and meanwhile have decided to wear Union-Jack bowlers to proclaim their national pride.

Funnier still, bets are also taken on who will cry first at the wedding ceremony and what year the first-born of the couple will be expected...

Royal_Wedding_Waiting.jpgThe pictures were taken this afternoon in front of Westminster Abbey. Can we say that the sense of wait is tangible?

Bookmaker_Royal_Wedding_2.jpgPeople are sunning and betting on the toteboards while waiting for the ceremony to start, the next day. See who people think is most likely to shed tears before everyone else at the wedding. For every £2 waged on Kate being the first one to break down and cry, you get a £5 profit if you win. At the other extreme, for every £1 waged on David Beckham, you get a £50 profit. With Elton John, the return is £8 for every £1 waged and for the Queen, the odds are 16-1. And the mother of the bride? It's much too obvious.

Thanks to Pauline for the pics!

Added: WWD just announced that the British Princes will all wear military uniforms at the wedding. In particular,

"The groom will wear the uniform of the colonel of the Irish Guards, reflecting his senior honorary appointment in the army rather than his actual rank, which is that of lieutenant in the Household Cavalry and a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force. The uniform comprises a red tunic, with a gold and crimson sash and gold sword slings, though he won’t wear a sword. The uniform was made by Kashket and Partners, a London-based coat and uniform makers."

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