A Lil' Tree in My Car {Paris Street Photography}


A Lil' Tree in My Car @ 2017 CHANT WAGNER

Little Trees were created in 1952. Today, they are scented with a varied range of escapist and even gender-biased fragrances. The brand has a line entitled "Masculine", which proposes scents such as, of course, "New Car Scent" but also "Pure Steel"...

This iconic car freshner, with its immediately recognizable shape, caught my eye, all yellow on a sea of black. It could smell of jasmine, "Lemon Grove" or "Vanillarama" given its color. The label plays intensely on synesthesia and the connection between shape, color and perfume, just like we've always done at The Scented Salamander, against prevalent purist stands, so we do feel a particular affinity. We should collect those.

Today, incidentally, we note that many perfume purists of yore have followed this blog's lead and are turning more and more to visual culture and the exploration of social space, outside the bottle. They could have been interested in tactile or gustatory or musical cultures, say, but somehow, TSS convinced them that the future is elsewhere, where we've always stood, for them too.

For us, it was always about scent and society. What's missing from this landscape is their genuine contribution to perfume culture however, outside of their constant comparisons with a blog they feel holds answers. Why copy when you can create and think by yourself? It's a mystery to me. Just like the unborn little girls missing in China and India, we'll never know what might have been. And that's a loss.

Here's a great song by the Beastie Boys, Slow Ride, which mentions the "trees",

"Because I'm hard hittin' - always bitten - cool as hell

I got trees on my mirror so my car won't smell" - Beastie Boys Slow Ride

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