Joyeuse Fête des Mères // Happy Mother's Day in France {Paris Street Photography}


Painting a Mother & a Child in a Church - Parfums de thérébenthine & solvants © 2016 CHANT WAGNER

Here is a set of three photos showing a bit of the diversity of motherhood in France, from a painter representing a traditional African mom carrying her child on her back in a Parisian church, which could also be an interpretation of the Virgin Mary, to a traditional yet modern mom of four, to a Muslim woman doing the school run and looking like the embodiment of patience...


Jeune mère de famille nombreuse - parfum rétro @ 2016 CHANT WAGNER

What all three pictures tend to demonstrate is that traditions are known, recognized and followed, sometimes with twists, like the art-school twist, the contemporary-fashion twist or the street-art twist.


Mom Doing the School Run - parfums de marronniers et cerisiers © 2016 CHANT WAGNER

We are constantly playing with traditional references, while updating them to establish a link between the past and the present. This dynamic is not visible to the naked eye usually in perfumery inside the bottle, but it is a domain where the past and the present - and the future - constantly meet.

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