The Seine in May // La Seine en mai {Paris Street Photography}


The Seine in May I // La Seine en mai I © 2017 CHANT WAGNER

It's a bit contrarian to want to retain an image of summer in black and white but it does have a cooling effect on the eyes, just like shade does...

News reports in France are stating over and over again that summer has come early this year. We're still transitioning from a standard perception of seasonal weather to an "anything is possible and will happen" mindset.


The Seine in May II // La Seine en mai II © 2017 CHANT WAGNER

We're still mildly suprised that it can be glaring hot in May and that the cherry trees bloom at the end of winter in February. Do we need to write "winter" with quotation marks now?

How long before we blur the lines between conventional seasons, naturally?

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