Alien {Paris Street Photography}


Alien in the Sky Atop a Medieval Church © 2017 CHANT WAGNER

Walking by Saint-Séverin church the other day, I was marvelling at the sky looking at the white trails of clouds on a beautifully blue and sunny June day, when I suddenly stopped as I gazed upon what looked like a familiar creature escaped from a sci-fi movie...

For longer than a moment, it felt like Alien itself had found a perch on the medieval church. Its elongated cranium, the sculptural details drawing rib-cage like rows, its narrow "hips"and slumping "shoulders", remind you of the monster made iconic by Ridley Scott, albeit in an attitude of prayer.

You wonder if medieval gargoyles are the ancestors of a contemporary cinematic nightmare. Beyond the visual "pun", gargoyles and Alien would all have the privilege of being made of the stuff of visceral dreams.

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