Biotherm Eau Relax (2017) // For Overstretched Women {New Perfume}


One more wellness fragrance from France debuting this summer of 2017: it's called Eau Relax by Biotherm, one of the ubiquitous French pharmacy beauty brands populating the Hexagon's well-stocked shelves...

The new eau de toilette is labeled as a fruity and ambery blend; it is co-signed by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Fanny Bal of IFF.

For Ropion, the goal was to be able to contribute positively to the day of a woman by offering her a scent which can prove to be a moment of respite, resourcing and relaxation when she is faced with juggling kids, work, husband and family, including pets.

The edt has top notes of bitter orange, bergamot essence and an accord of aromatic tea. The heart is built around cardamom eo, muguet and jasmine. The base endures thanks to patchouli eo, musk, tonka bean and vanilla.

Comparative shopping indicates a 50 ml bottle can be had between 14€ and 23€.

[Via Giornale del Nuevo; Luxe en France]

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