Chanel Gabrielle Perfume Goes Back to Art Deco Roots {Fragrance News} {New Flacon}


Gabrielle by Chanel, an upcoming women's pillar fragrance

When you look at the brand new flacon in which the jus of Gabrielle by Chanel is housed, you can immediately perceive that the luxury brand has decided to go back to the 1920s, to a form of Art Deco still in its infancy...

art-deco-fashion.jpeg It's more about the 1920s decade, the span of time in which the No.5 was born, than about the 1930s. It is a rounder and softer Art Deco style making you think of quaint toys and makeup palettes and lisptick tubes. There is almost a handmade feel to the bottle. And actually, it turns out there is a stage in which the Gabrielle bottles need to be polished by hand individually to reduce the paper-weight aspect of the base or "marquolette".

It is a way, no doubt, for the house to take stock of and affirm its patrimonial aura.

French magazine L'Express is devoting a whole article just to the packaging of Gabrielle as the scent will be released only in September 2017.

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