Chopard Haute Parfumerie Néroli, Vétiver, Magnolia & Vanille (2017) {New Fragrances}


Sapphire and Gold Accents Adorn Haute Parfumerie by Chopard

Jeweler Chopard is issuing a new collection of four unisex fragrances baptized the Haute Parfumerie Collection, which comprises Néroli, Vétiver, Magnolia and Vanille, each being dedicated to a key luxurious and - just as importantly, sustainably sourced perfumery material...


The Avant-Première Edition, which launched at the Cannes Festival

It's about the idea of "sustainable luxury", "A first step in a visionary journey towards natural and responsible perfumery,"

"This year, we revealed a new milestone in our #TheJourneyToSustainableLuxury, with the launch of our #ChopardHauteParfumerie Collection. Four stunning fragrances that support and promote Chopard's idea of luxury: a unique alliance of beauty, excellence, pleasure and ethical values."

The ingredients are sourced through Firmenich's program called NATURALS TOGETHER™, which advocates responsible agriculture. In this case, Vetiver From Haiti, Vanilla From Madagascar and Cardamom From Guatemala are the eco-conscious - and hopefully fair-trade - materials around which perfumers Alberto Morillas and Nathalie Lorson played.

[Via Fashion Network; Chopard Instagram]

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