Exhuming an Old Bottle of Attache-Moi by Iconofly {Paris Parfum Photo}


An Original Attache-Moi by Iconofly Perfume from the First Batch Issued in 2009

In the gallery of bottles saved for a later review - completely imaginary of course - I found this old flacon of Attache-Moi by Iconofly. Remember very well that I purchased it in 2009 when the fragrance - very confidential, very limited-edition - by Christine Nagel, now at Hermès, came out...

It's currently been relaunched as Attache-Moi Ici et Là, an archaeological interpretation of the last drops of Attache-Moi. If I review it, I will need to specify "vintage" as it's aged in obscurity. But the matrix is there.

It originally came tied-up. The leather tie has unraveled. The bottle of perfume seems to be begging to be "re-attached", "rattache-moi".

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