France in Soul-Searching Mode for the Legislatives {Paris Street Photography}


The Animalist Party

Abstention has hit a historical record high for the first round of the legislatives in France. There is undeniably a sense of fatigue. Perhaps also is there the lulling feeling that president Macron has it under control. His communication has been very effective so far...

As France seems ready to embrace a virtually single party system as of tonight's results, it might be time for the people who did not vote to ask themselves if that's really the best solution for democracy and the country?


"My Voice"

While the president's party, LREM, has created a tsunami, it seems, which needs to be confirmed during the second round of voting, there are signs that the French are in soul-searching mode. Here are a series of three pictures. They show that there is now even an "animalist party" with a cat replacing the usual candidate figure; they want to rethink the relationship existing between men and beasts. There is a movement called #MaVoix, which offers a campaign poster in which you are invited to see your own reflection - very conceptual and arty. The LREM candidates are portrayed together with Macron, which is a way of compensating for their previous anonymity, save for a few, but also as a sign of who is the boss here.


The president is everywhere, paired with his candidates

If you look at the more traditional political map of the country, political parties seem to be experiencing a shifting of tectonic plates, with some parties falling inside the crack of doom. The socialist party will need to go medidate in the Himalayas, it seems, before they can figure out how to reconstruct themselves.

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