Katy Perry's Indi (2017) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Katy-Perry-s-Indi.jpg Pop singer Katy Perry is dropping a new fragrance for women called Katy Perry's Indi around the same time that she is dropping her latest music album, Witness...

The name is meant to convey a message of independence of mind and spirit. Perry has experienced well-publicized fighting with her demons and reported difficulties in expressing her authentic self. She is launching a scent to make a point about that while hoping to inspire herself and others to be themselves.

To help attain those goals, the fragrance is a semi-transparent aquatic floral with 11 nuances of musks to appeal to the largest possible number of fans. Some people are anosmic to certain musks, so this guarantees that you will be able to smell the musk. It's not an innovation as it's common industry practice, but there might be added nuances in this case. Well, at least, Perry is thinking about her fans.

The eau de parfum has top notes of white tea, oriental plum, Italian bergamot. The heart has lily of the valley, cyclamen, white cedarwood. The base features a "Sultan-amber", tonka bean, and 11 different musks.

[Via Berner ]

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