Perfumer Jean-Pierre Weil has Died (1927-2017) {Fragrance News}


French perfumer Jean-Pierre Weil, a member of the Weil family and the composer behind several of the furrier house perfumes died on May 25, 2017 in Paris at the age of 90...

He was the in-house author of Eau de Fraicheur by Weil in 1961, Gentilhomme by Weil in 1967, Weil de Weil in 1970, Chunga in 1977, and Bambou in 1984.

After the label was sold to Champagnes Lanson in 1971, he joined Créations Aromatiques; he then signed Complice by Coty in 1973 and Création by Ted Lapidus in 1983, among other perfumes.

In 2000, after he had retired, and with the agreement of the new owners of the Weil brand, he made a gift to the Osmothèque in Versailles of a collection of original fragrance formulae to be confidentially reproduced by the conservatory of perfumes. The list includes Antilope, Bambou, Cassandra, Chinchilla, Eau de Fraîcheur, Gentilhomme, Padisha, and Zibeline.


The Weil Parfums bestsellers were Zibeline and later, Antilope, a wonderful chypre with an unusual chamomile note. Noir by Weil was endowed with a mythical dimension in the novel Le parfum de la dame en noir by Gaston Leroux.

The Osmothèque will organize a special commemorative event in October 2017 to pay homage to Jean-Pierre Weil and Parfums Weil.

[Via Osmothèque newsletter & communication by perfumer & founder Jean Kerléo; Société Française des Parfumeurs]

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