Rochas Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale (2017) {Perfume Short (Review)}


Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale by Rochas retains the markedly aromatic profile of the original Eau de Rochas (1948 / 1970) while emphasizing the white-wash effect of certain types of eaux de cologne, which seem to have been "blanched", to use a culinary term. A fruity facet has been added as well as a woodsy one (cedar). Where the citruses sing and shine in the original, in Escapade they are more muted and relayed by softer fruity accents...

Orange blossom has been advertized as a key note in this latest iteration of a classic; its rendering is crisp and light going in the direction of a baby cologne, almost. Notes of green apple and mint contribute to that effect. Do not expect an orange blossom as in Fleurs d'Oranger by Serge Lutens, which teases out its hypnotic quality. It is more like the orange blossom in Eau de Bonpoint. It does come across as a bit generic due to some Bandaid molecule used to make white-floral bouquets on the cheap.

ROCHAS_ESCAPADE ESTIVALE_FLACON.jpg Overall however, this limited-edition for summer 2017 is a nice fresh and soft eau fraîche, with a more blunted edge as far as the aromatic, mossy, dry parts of the original are concerned. Perfumer Michel Almairac of Robertet was guided by the idea of delivering an easy-going fragrance, and it is that. To go further in that direction, it would be great to have a sunproof eau you can wear on the beach without having to worry about sun marks.

There are no surprises in Escapade Estivale, nothing really new. You'll enjoy the effusive, fountain-like top notes, appreciate the cottony quality of the orange blossom - and move on to more pressing things such as relaxing as much as you can. The flacon is very nice - a design classic from the 1970s rendered in blue glass; it's not just the jus which is tinted blue.

This eau is for people who do not like to draw attention to themselves and are looking for a soft hesperidic scent offering an undertstated style. It's almost more for a summer office than anything else.

Notes: Cédrat, Orange, Green Apple / Orange Blossom, Mint / Cedar, Amber, Musks

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