Sweet Bird of Youth {Paris Street Photography}


Sweet Bird of Youth // L'oiseau doux de la jeunesse - The Moment after Vaping for the First Time © 2017 CHANT WAGNER

I noticed from the corner of my eye a gaggle of tweens suddenly congregating on a back street spot. It turns out they wanted a little privacy to try out vaping...

The girl bit the bullet and danced her way out of a cloud of steam I imagined might be scented with raspberry, as her whole attitude expressed shock. She seemed to be pushed back by the intensity of the sensation, but also trying to put words on it as quick as she could to capture this first, talking with her hands. Her gang was watching her eager to know how it feels to vape.

They look so young - in-between childhood and full-blown adolescence - still kid-like, big-eyed, so serious, yet able to go buy stuff and hide in groups to explore some forbidden nooks of the world.

I took just one picture. I don't know why. I could have shot a couple more. I guess it's that feeling of looking at something that's supposed to be a secret. It's also that feeling of not wanting to disrupt an important moment in the lives of youngsters. They'll probably remember that first forever. It's the history of their senses shaping up.

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