TokyoMilk Neptune & the Mermaid Collection (2017) {New Fragrances}


TokyoMilk by Margot Elena has launched three new perfumes in the Neptune & the Mermaid Collection, one which is steeped in mythology ancient and modern, in turn. They are Song of the Siren No.49; 20 000 Flowers Under the Sea No. 31; and Anthemoessa No. 84...

The sea, I think, is taking on a whole new dimension in perfumery. And I think it has to do with a more ecologically-minded world and the concerns about Climate Change. There have been marine opuses in perfumery since at least the 19th century - and maritime ingredients for even longer than that. But there is now a new focus on the sea, which is seen as worthy of complete collections instead of being a single chapter in a range as one can see with TokyoMilk.

"This mysterious yet sophisticated collection transcends the traditional and transports you under the sea where everything is not quite what it seems."


Homer and Jules Vernes are the literary inspirations behind the trio of lucky scents.

Song of the Siren no. 49 is "A fortune fragrance blend of Pressed Petals, Rosewater, Mandarin, Aqua & Marine."

20 000 Flowers Under the Sea No. 31 "A fortune fragrance blend of White Lily, Mineral Salt, Sun Kissed Coral, Ylang Ylang."

Anthemoessa No. 84, the island of the sirens, is 'A fortune fragrance blend of Jasmine, Salted Grapefruit, Honeysuckle, Sandalwood."

Each 47.3 ml fragrance is priced at $42.

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