Yardley English Freesia (2017) {Perfume Short (Review)}


One has smelled slier florals than this one, especially with the word "English" appended to it. Freesia, one of the prettiest floral scents of spring, has recently been bottled by Yardley and baptized English Freesia...

It is readily and blatantly a musky composition, which seems only marginally interested in capturing the delicate, dewy, peppery smell of the flower, which appears like a hologram in the midst of heavy doses of musk - white, but also perspiry - and woods, cedarwood in particular. The natural sweetness of freesia is not very noticeable.

The jus is signed by perfumer Beverley Bayne of CPL Aromas. If you are looking for a realistic freesia scent, this is not it. It smells rather like a bathroom freesia. Imagine having a soap loaded with more powdery musk than freesia, the latter rather faint and drowned by the loudness of base notes you can hear from the get go in the top. It feels like opening the door to a soundproof room in which a drummer plays expecting to listen to a harpist.

Yardley is a house capable of producing affordable gems. I cannot call it this this time. The fragrance is too loud, too sharp and only minimally engaged with the nuances or interpretation of freesia. I'm not sure who would enjoy this perfume. Someone who has a preference for strong sandalwood and a fetish for the smell of perspiration?

Fragrance notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, cypress / freesia, lily of the valley, ginger and pepper / sandalwood, musk and amber.

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