Auric Blends Peaches & Cream, Apple Blossom, Stella Blue, & More (2017) {New Perfumes}


American label Auric Blends, best-known for its cult musk oil called Egyptian Goddess, has released a collection of limited-edition perfume oils for summer 2017 revolving around a gourmand theme. It includes Apple Blossom, Candy Cane, Pina Colada, Stella Blue, Vanilla Fudge and Peaches & Cream...

It's a bit of a departure from their usual offerings, which prefer to weave a sensual theme. One can see it as a commercial move to tap into a new customer base with a taste for bonbon-like perfumes.

According to their Facebook page, Peaches and Cream is close to a Peach scent they had issued in the past, but with a vanilla base added to it.

Only one batch of each scent has been produced for a limited time. A roll-on is priced at $8,49.

[Sources: Facebook; Auric Blends}

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