No Lack of Love // Pas handicape de l'amour {Paris Street Photography}


No Lack of Love // Pas handicapé de l'amour © 2017 CHANT WAGNER

I just read a thread on Twitter and watched a video showing president Trump actively ignoring a handicapped kid in a wheelchair, who was seeking him out. As, I already commented there, I knew that Trump is obsessed with physical superiority, but not to that point where he cannot bring himself to touching a handicapped kid who is calling out for his attention, twice...

I've even wondered if Trump might not have been influenced by some current of thought related to eugenics, which reached an apex and thrived in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

This is a photo of a child taken in picture by, I think, his mother, or perhaps his carer. I love how they are not trying to fit. They are just full of good will. And the mom or the carer is looking at the kid with the eyes of love, i'm sure, while the young boy is doing his best to strike a nice pose for his, I think, mom, but not 100% sure. He looks graceful in his own way.

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