Thalys - Scents of the City Olfactive Short {Perfume Images & Adverts}


Train company Thalys has created a short film centered on olfactive identities, about a scented map of four destinations they travel to: Brussels, Paris Amsterdam and Cologne...

In May 2017, they even opened an ephemeral installation in Brussels which let you smell the sunflowers of the Van Gogh Museum, that of an antique shop in Sablon, the aroma of a fresh baguette rue Paul Bert, or the cut grass of the Cologne stadium. Below, is the short movie entitled Scents of the City, which shows a poet-traveller discovering and noting down smells in different places in these four cities, followed by a behind-the-scenes of the project.

The music chosen to make the story come alive is none other than the Ukrainian song Dark Eyes (Очи чёрные). And because this is such a great song, you can listen to it in full afterwards, as sung by the Red Army Choir, with subtitles.

I was reminded that they all died in a plane accident in 2016, save for two, if I remember correctly, who didn't board.


[Via l'ADN]

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