The Pot of Milk // Le pot au lait {Paris Street Photography}


The Milk Pot // Le pot au lait - Dancey Step V © 2017 CHANT WAGNER

On a busy market day, a dairy seller is navigating the crowd with what looks to be an empty aluminium milk pot made in a traditional, retro style that must not have changed for decades. I am reminded of a 17th century fable by Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695), La laitière et le pot au lait (The Milkmaid and the Pot of Milk)...

The rest of the story is told visually: a spill, bleach splatters which mimic milk, the milk in the light, the spill in the dark, the shoes etc.

It's a fable that French children are very familiar with, one of La Fontaine's best known, taught at school in a shortened version from an early age. So, it leaves a trace.

The complete fable does not only hold a moral teaching, but also a reflection on the nature of power and political responsibility.


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