Bernard, The Faux Jaded One // Bernard Le Faux Blasé {Paris Street Photography}


Bernard, The Faux Jaded One // Bernard Le Faux Blasé © CHANT WAGNER 2016

Bernard is a special dog, with a lot of presence and when I came upon it, had to stop and try to portray its personality...

Its owner was ever so gracious and helped me by asking Bernard the Bulldog to stay still, which it did, for a second. I'm glad this picture came out like a classic portrait.

Bernard could almost have thrown that cigarette butt in the corner of the pic and then started speaking French with a rocky accent.

I'm reminded of the vague, glum philosophical look that some cigarette smokers have in Paris as if they knew everything that has to be known about a world in tatters. But then suddenly, something quivers in their jaded eyes: they're not so tired of existence, after all.

But before then, observe Bernard Le Blasé, who's smelled millions of things and doesn't give a fig, or a bone, even with marrow, and resolutely so.

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