Bien-Etre The Ambre & The Blanc Eaux de Cologne (2017) {New Fragrances}


French household brand name Bien-Être has released a new duo of unisex colognes called Thé Ambré Bergamote and Thé Blanc Fleur de Cerisier...

Both compositions are said to be inspired by Asia and the culture of tea in the region.

Thé Blanc mixes white-tea leaves with spices and white musk. It showcases a cherry blossom notes based on a natural extract of the blooms. It is reportedly delicate and soothing a scent.


Thé Ambré features a red-tea note with orange peel and bergamot on an ambery backdrop. This one we tested. It is also a spicy concoction with a clove-y facet. It smells a little bit like a mass-market version of Diptyque L'Eau, i.e., more consensual, filled with spices and a realistic, woody, leafy tea accord.

These are limited-editions.

Price is around 5€-6€ for 250 ml

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