Isnard Jaussemin, Longo Mai (2017) {New Fragrances}


Isnard has introduced two new perfumes called Jaussemin and Longo Maï, which are based on the traditional, as well as much sought out floral cultivars in the Grasse region, jasmine and Centifolia rose...

The perfume house, whose trace is known since the 18th century, 1740 to be exact, when it was founded by Antoine Isnard, has recently re-opened the doors of its bastide of perfumers, thanks to descendants of the family Patrick and Alexane Isnard, a father-and-daughter team, who've decided to go back to these origins. This family of knights has roots in the region since the medieval ages, where several branches are disseminated. They belong to the Isnard of Malvans branch, according to their website.

One of the characteristics of this old and new brand is that they choose Occitan names for their perfumes, rather than French ones. Jaussemin means "jasmine" in the Occitan language, while Longo Maï is an expression traditionally uttered at weddings by wellwishers so that newlyweds know lasting love and marriage, "May it be long."

Jaussemin is made with Grasse jasmine and is said to be reminiscent of the smell of fields in olden days when they would diffuse an intense smell during the summer. It is "very much appreciated by women of character."

The edp has an opening of Jasmin de Grasse seguing into a heart of orange blossom and tuberose and a base of white musk.

Longo Maï makes use of authentic rosa centifolia, with a pairing of rose and peony to evoke "the softness and tenderness of love."

The head of the perfume has a note of rosa centifolia petals, while the heart features rosa centifolia and peony, with a base of white musk.

These are proposed in limited quantities at 59€ for 50 ml.


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