Lunar Photo in Full Sunshine // Photo lunaire en plein soleil {Paris Street Photography}


This photograph has an air of weirdness about it, for several reasons that I can see. It even looks a bit demented due to the sense of greed conveyed by the multiple hands reaching out to the birds for sale...

The main effect, to my eye, that I will retain, is that it manages to look both lunar and solar at the same time, in broad dauylight, thanks to a play of light and shadow.

I have to go back however to the strange reversal which takes place in this composition, in which all the elements a priori are there to signify innocence: childhood, milk teeth, birds, summer hat, sunshine - and yet, it does not.

I have another photo from the same day, where a kid looks at birds, and it feels innocent. But this one is more ambivalent.

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