Mauvais' Odeur by Grellor Aims to Dislodge "Illegal Occupants"


For the record, a Swiss company called Grellor devised a repulsive fragrance called Mauvais' Odeur (Bad Smell) to chase away people you don't want sticking around on your premises. Since we first came upon the information and product in July 2017, the brand apparently retired the "super powerful" stench-emitting formula, guaranteed to last a week...

It could also be neutralized with a counteractive, deodorizing product they carry.

The notion of weaponizing fragrance to make it repulsive against "illegal occupants" made it sound too much like vigilante, passive-aggressive force on the side of proprietors. After several media articles were written to decry the idea and product, which had been selling for 10 years, the company, apparently, caved in. It has withdrawn the fragrance from hell from its website. But we think it's worthwhile to note that such outrageous ideas exist. So, for the record.

This is what you could read on the website last month still - but it got dislodged by its own stench in the end,

"Mauvais' Odeur is a repulsive.

"Its super powerful and repulsive smell allows you to chase away illegal occupants. Its lasting power, depending on the ambient temperature and circulation of air, runs to about a week. It can be neutralized with its deodorizing counterpart, which neutralizes the smells created, application and dilution being identical."

"Mauvais' Odeur est un répulsif.

Son odeur surpuissante et repoussante permet d'éloigner les occupants illégaux.
Sa rémanence, en fonction de la température ambiante et de l'aération, est d'environ 1 semaine. Il peut être neutralisé par la suite avec son pendant désodorisant, neutralisant les odeurs produites, l'application et la dilution étant identiques."

[Via 20 Minutes]

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