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Paco Rabanne is turning to soft porn to promote its latest masculine fragrance, Pure XS, both visually and olfactorily speaking. The memo or "brief" was to capture "the sensation of skin shivering with desire and burning with pleasure,"...

IFF perfumers veteran Anne Flipo and newcomer Caroline Dumur collaborated on the composition. Dumur explained,

"Our interpretation of that burn was that of a feeling of a dizziness induced by that feeling of sexiness. We tried to contrast the burning skin sensation with the shiver. It is like a battle of the two sensations, but at the same time, the two blocks echo each other"

This sounds quite a bit like a classical effort at building tension within a perfume. The feeling of "dizziness" however is something potentially new alluding to a work on the sensation that a fragrance can provoke in a scent wearer. Nose Calice Becker, for instance, is someone capable of suggesting a waltzing sensation in a perfume as in L'Air du Temps Eau Sublime.

The eau de toilette has notes of "quasi frosty" ginger, vegetal sap and thyme, which contrast with the warm hot sizzling hot notes of cinnamon, vanilla and myrrh.

The ad campaign features model Francisco Henriques, who plays the role of a young, sexy heir who is adulated by women. The heritage bathroom in which he deambulates, is, it turns out, a peep show of sorts. The TV ad by Johan Renk is XS excessive of course, but also funny,

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