Roger et Gallet Launches Extraits de Cologne Collection Inspired by the Directory (2017) {New Fragrances}


Roger et Gallet has launched a new collection of five unisex Extraits de Cologne, which includes Cassis Frénésie, Néroli Facétie, Thé Fantaisie, Tubéreuse Hédonie and Verveine Utopie...

"With the Extraits de Cologne, Roger&Gallet brings up to date the art of perfuming, bequeathed by the "Incroyables" and the "Merveilleuses"."...

The scent names, which are both playful and exalted, are meant to evoke the period of willful hedonism which characterized the French Directory following the French Revolution, peopled as it was with pleasure-affirming, death-defying figures called literally the Incredibles and Wonferfuls. They tried not to pronounce "r"s in their conversations in order to decapitate the word "Revolution" from its initial letter and meaning, turning it into "evolution." The Inc(r)oyables and Me(r)veilleuses were proto dandys who had evolved from the Muscadins, who also have contributed to the history of perfume.

The word "extrait" is normally reserved for the highest concentration of perfume; paired with the world "cologne" it becomes an olfactory oxymoron. Roger et Gallet as cologne makers are asserting their interest in developing the genre of the "thick", substantial eau de cologne. Santa Maria Novella, Jo Malone, Christian Dior, then Atelier Cologne and to some extent Roger et Gallet in the past are brands which offer edcs offering both lightness and heft.

Authorship of the perfumes is made evident on a tag attached to each flacon, reinforcing a cultural movement initiated by Frédéric Malle.

Cassis-Frenesie.jpg Cassis Frénésie was composed by perfumer Elise Bénat.

"Crisp, tonic, energising. Fights melancholia, stimulates good
mood and euphorises senses

To create her Extrait de Cologne, Elise Bénat, French perfumer, has selected:
Blackcurrant bud absolute
Pepper essence
Rose infusion
Precious distilled essences of geranium, lavandin, galbanum and buchu

Always more, always more often, life has so much to offer!

Frénésie, is an appetite for living, loving, tasting pleasures, without moderation, in an utmost exaltation."

Neroli-Facetie.jpg Néroli Facétie is signed by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin.

"Tranquilizing, pleasing and balancing. Relieves anxiety, facilitates sleep and lightens the mind.

To create his Extrait de Cologne, Fabrice Pellegrin, French perfumer, has selected:
Neroli essence
Orange blosson absolute
Immortelle absolute
Precious distilled essences of cedarwood, petitgrain, angelica seeds & vetiver

Here, all is mischievousness, Comical, slapstick, fun. Jokes and laughs!

Facétie is an attitude, cheerful, joyful, playful. A sheer art of having fun with facial expressions or little games."

The-Fantaisie.jpg Thé Fantaisie is a composition by perfumer Alberto Morillas.

"Untiring, energizing, destressing. Comforting, appeases tension and stimulates the mind.

To create his Extrait de Cologne, Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer, has selected:
- Black tea extract
- Benzoin resinoid
- Sandalwood essence
- Precious distilled essences of coriander, Cardamom, sclared sage & vetiver

What matters is to have fun!

The fantasist takes pleasure in doing things off the beaten track, far from conventions. Originality, a hint of mischievousness and lightness as a way of life"

Tubereuse-Hedonie.jpg Tubéreuse Hédonie is by perfumer Anne Flipo.

"Extraordinarily relaxing and aphrodisiac. Rouses the mood and invites body and mind to let go.

To create her Extrait de Cologne, Anne Flipo, French perfumer, has selected:
Tuberose absolute
Jasmine absolute
Bergamote essence
Precious distilled essences of pink pepper, Neroli & celery grains

You must seize the day, every minute!

The hedonist lives for pleasure. To please oneself, as often as possible, in every possible manner, satisfying one's senses, with no reserve, here is the goal of his existence, the supreme value, above all others."

Stimulating, invigorating, anti-fatigue. Refreshes the body, freshens the mind and galvanizes the senses.

verveine-utopie.jpg Verveine Utopie is by perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou.

"To create her Extrait de Cologne, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, French perfumer, has selected:

Exotic verbena essence
Gentian extract
Precious distilled essences of cedar wood, Gaiac and vetiver wood, basil and absinthe

He is a dreamer, a poet in search of the absolute, in quest for the wonderful!

The utopist lives for an ideal, the perfect world in which each one could find happiness. With passion and innocence, this stargazer draws up a flow of ideas to change the world and make it better."

Available in 30 ml for 34,90€ and 100 ml for 69,90€.

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