Yves Rocher Oui a l'Amour (2017) {New Perfume}


Yves Rocher launched a new feminine pillar called Oui à l'Amour with the tag line "Dare say yes to love!", together with a matching, eponymous red lipstick...

Perfumer Sophie Labbé of IFF, who composed the scent, explained that to her,

"Oui à l'Amour is a representation of boldness and passion! It is the unexpected encounter between a sparkling freshness and vibrant sensuality.

The crispy notes of the Angelica enhance the natural femininity of the Rose.
This resplendent bouquet then wraps itself in the gentle warmth of the Tonka Bean combined with the elegance of the Cedar.
Oui à l'Amour is the ally of an everlasting love. " -- Sophie Labbé, Perfumer.


« Oui à l'Amour est un manifeste d'audace et de passion! C'est la rencontre inattendue d'une fraîcheur pétillante et d'une sensualité vibrante. Les notes croquantes de l'Angélique exaltent la féminité naturelle de la Rose. Ce bouquet éclatant s'enveloppe ensuite dans la douce chaleur de la Fève Tonka associée à l'élégance du Cèdre. Oui à l'Amour est le parfum complice d'un amour sans fin. » -- Sophie Labbé, Parfumeur

Main natural ingredients showcased in the scent are green angelica, very diffusive and crisp; rose essential oil from Laboratoire Monique Rémy (LMR), petaly, fresh, as if the rose had just been cut; tonka bean, almond-y, warm and enveloping; cedarwood for a lasting woody sillage conveying elegance.

SRP is 57€ for 50 ml of eau de parfum, currently offered at an introductory rate of 34,20€.

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