Yves Saint Laurent Y (2017) {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne}


Yves Saint Laurent is launching a new men's perfume called just Y, thereby recycling a name previously used for the feminine YSL chypre also called Y, now discontinued...

The jus is said to be a "chiaro-oscuro fougère" whose personality is "definitely masculine". The light is represented by notes of white aldehydes and an absolute of geranium, while darkness smells of incense and an ambergris accord. The light is also a white t-shirt, while darkness is a black jacket.


As usual, and it's quite trite, but here we go, this dual aspect symbolizes the duality found in a cohort of men, "a generation of creative, entrepreneurial, accomplished men," "Men who dare follow their passions and intuitions and ask themselves the right questions to create their own path towards accomplishment."

What is perhaps less pedestrian is the fact that the scent has a focus on the entrepreneurial spirit.

Tag line is "Everything starts with a why. #THATSY"

Price is 89,90€ for 100 ml of eau de toilette.

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