Comme des Garçons Andy Warhol You're In (2017) {New Fragrance}


Comme des Garçons' newest project, Andy Warhol You're In, is one which picks up where Andy Warhol left of in 1967, turning an experiment in the highjacking of consumerist symbols into an unisex perfume, which is now more than just about a rude pun and an olfactive statement about a popular mass-market fragrance for men, that Warhol had then selected himself as immediately readable in terms of pop culture...

It was also his idea that the art project be about perfume. And guess what, he turned to the Campbell Tomato Soup version of a cologne , namely Canoe. Silver Coke bottles were meant to be the obvious yet displaced industrial perfume bottles.

"Avant-garde artist Andy Warhol broke down the boundaries between art and commerce long ago declaring, "art is what you can get away with". Unwilling to be contained by convention, his creations and legacy continue to cast a long, inspiring shadow of influence."

There are six variations of the fragrance bottles, now in the shape of sleek cylinders, corresponding to six quotes by the artist.


The composition itself includes notes of bitter orange, lime peel, aldehydes in the top, with a heart of jasmine, pitosporum, coriander leaves, and a base of musk, cashmere wood, amber and a metallic accord.

Recommended retail price: €80 £75 $95 ¥10 000 for 100 ml of eau de toilette.

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