House of Emmanuelle Khanh Creates Debut Perfume Au Fil de Toi (2017) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


The brand founded by French fashion designer Emmanuelle Khanh, best known in pop consciousness for her oversized, owlish glasses, which she constantly sported herself as if they were the most practical glasses you could wear under the heavens, is launching a debut perfume this fall called Au Fil de Toi...

Seven months after she died in February of 2017 and decades after she set up her label in the 1970s, the house's inaugural perfume is meant to symbolize the idea of "free engagement" between two beings, lovers, but also friends. It is inspired by the experience of picking up a conversation where you left it off several years ago. In other words, it's about relationships which endure despite long parentheses. It's also, as it turns out, a description of what the house of Emmanuelle Khanh has lived since it was closed in 1995, to be reopened in 2017.

Au Fil de Toi is an unisex composition sold in a doublet of 30 ml perfume bottles which were designed to complement each other, with a little "secret" drawer in each bottle that can be used to leave a message.

Perfumers Maurice Roucel and Pierre Gueros of Symrise co-sign the fragrance.

The jus opens on top notes of wormwood, rosemary and lavender, with a heart of white rose, hawthorn and heliotrope. The base features an "overdose of musks" (think about the volume of the iconic 50 /50 eyeglasses model), immortelle, white woods, sandalwood, patchouli and ambergris.

SRP : 85€ for 60 ml (2 x 30 ml), 59€ for the 60 ml refill.

[Source: La Dépêche]

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