La Fete de l'Huma - This Could be a French Glastonbury {Paris - La Courneuve Street Photography}


A Unicorn Wanders on Earth at the Fête de l'Huma // Une licorne erre sur terre à la fête de l'huma © CHANT WAGNER 2017

As I already posted about the other day, I spent some time at the annual French Communist Party / leftist festival entitled La Fête de l'Humanité, shortened to Fête de l'Huma. I wanted to reconnect with childhood memories, rather vague, but present, of going a couple of times to a fun fair where people stood around talking about politics and distributing newspapers at the entrance to an amusement park...

What struck me this time was how this political and cultural event where music plays an all important role - and the selection of music and groups is the best - is like a Glastonbury which ignores itself.

Yes, the whole pow wow is about serious, labour politics, but a few people walking around dressed as unicorns seemed to indicate that they knew they were mostly talking about utopian politics. If people really just want to commune, then, again, we see space for turning this gigantic campment of three days into a full-on music festival, with some politics mixed in, you know, in the tradition of Woodstock.

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