New Chanel Perfume Advertising Campaign Looks at Gabrielle Before Coco {Perfume Images & Ads}


Chanel, as you must know by now, is launching Gabrielle Chanel, a new women's perfume this fall, which is inspired by the personality of the house founder before she became Coco, the creator. It is meant to evoke the scent of her rebellious nature when she was a young woman - and although we're pretty sure the brand is not thinking of the contemporary French political party Les Insoumis - Gaby's defining feature was, we are told, to be an insoumise, a rebel at heart...

If it is true that Mademoiselle was a trail blazer, we think it's also good to remind readers that it's not exactly as completely how she wanted to be. And for this reason, perhaps even more interesting a life lesson to be learned. To start with, her nickname "Coco" she hated, but it stuck with her so she accepted it, however reluctantly; then, we could also point out how she always wanted to be a milliner but actually accepted to be a fashion designer because she was good at it and successful at it. It was however not her dream job, of her own confession. But it worked. She helped others with it. She had the eye for it.

Her career actually shows, to some extent, the difference between the principles of desire and reality. She went with the latter - and for it, she had to give up some things, even if she did not give up, we can assume, on her core and her drive.

Per the house,

"It is a message which is current, timeless and inspiring. It is an encouragement to become the woman you have always desired to be in the deepest recesses of your soul, without ever, just like Gabrielle, giving up."

And again,

"The perfume Gabrielle Chanel - it's her, it's us, it's a femininity in majesty, courageous, valiant, audacious, and passionate."

They even go as far as indicating that the fragrance acts like a revelatory formula for your own identity. Why should you even bother to know if it smells good? It smells of you - the authentic you, that is, in principle.

Actress Kristen Stewart is the spokesperson for the perfume. She plays the role of a woman getting out of her chrysalid and starting to run towards light, life and the unknown that all of it is, with a smile.

The commercial was directed by Ringan Ledwidge. Soundtrack is RUNNIN' (LOSE IT ALL) by Naughty Boy ft. Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin,

Stay tuned for a review of the fragrance. Meanwhile, check back on Boy by Chanel, which is about the first part of Chanel's life too.

[Via press release]

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