Parfum D'Empire Le Cri de la Lumiere (2017) {New Fragrance}


French confidential perfume label Parfum D'Empire has released a new unisex perfume called Le Cri de la Lumière (The Shout of the Light) which aims to go "beyond smelling good", asserting that in essence "it is a quest for light,"...

Brand owner and perfumer-chemist Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has developed the idea of evoking the light of the dawn of day with a radiant chypre composition. The eau de parfum features ambrette seeds - a vegetal musk with an eau-de-vie-with-pear facet - together with "opalescent" Florentine iris and "glowing" Turkish rose.

The nose reportedly took inspiration from the etymology of "luxury", which comes from the Latin "luxus," itself being derived from "lux" meaning "light" but also "shiny", "illustration", "glory", "ornament", terms which echo the house's interest in the history of empires.

We don't know if there is a connection to the title of a poem by French poet Michel Lagrange, whose eponymous poem "Le Cri de la Lumière" was published as an artifact in 15 copies: "(livre-stèle diptyque de Bernard Foucher, édité à 15 exemplaires numérotés et signés), Éditions de l'Alphabet Existentiel, 2006." So, mentioning it in passing.

A 50 ml flacon is priced at 108€.

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