Political Debates in Voice Off // Débats politiques en voix off {Paris - La Courneuve Street Photography}


Political Debates I // Débats politiques I © CHANT WAGNER 2017

Last weekend, I went to a well-known festival in France organized by the main press organ of the Communist Party (PCF), La Fête de l'Humanité (The Festival of Humankind, the latter being the name of their eponymous newspaper)...


Political Debates II // Débats politiques II © CHANT WAGNER 2017

It's meant to be a popular event. You don't have to be a Communist to attend it. It's a huge assembly of tents, people and revelry over the course of three days in the second week of September, which has been taking place since 1930. Rain or shine, people convene. Your feet are in the mud and hay but your head is looking up towards the (red) stars. They also have the best music.

One of the aspects of the gathering which caught my eye was the genuine passion that went into discussing politics. The seriousness about it.


Political Debates III // Débats politiques III © CHANT WAGNER 2017

You can tell with one look over at this set of four pictures that these people are not exchanging recipes or jokes. They are deep into political arguments. They have the deep and far-sighted gaze. They reveal both the scepticism and the wish to believe in a political project.


Political Debates IV // Débats politiques IV © CHANT WAGNER 2017

Whatever your political beliefs, you can recognize, or perhaps remember, that universal, that of exchanging around and refining a societal and political ideal, sincerely, without hatred, nor violence.

Here's a visual anthropology and street photography notebook of the phenomenon at the Fête de l'Humanité.

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