Rochas Lumière Makes a Comeback in 2017 {New Fragrance}


Rochas has relaunched one of its late 20th century classics, Lumière (Light), originally introduced in 1984, with another attempt in 2000. In 2017, the scent comes bottled in the vintage style of the house flacons inspired by an 18th century artifact...

The composition is signed by perfumer Michel Almairac of Robertet. It was developed by Interparfums.

In 2000, the nose had evoked the key role that musks play in the perfume comparing them to a filter on a camera lens which allows you,

"to blur smells, iron out little imperfections by conferring tenacity to an olfactive composition, but also, more surprisingly, freshness."

The eau de toilette has head notes of coriander, black pepper, honey, and honeysuckle seguing into a white floral heart of gardenia and jasmine, with the base featuring golden amber, musk and vetiver.

A 100 ml bottle is priced at 98,90€.

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