Victoria's Secret Love Smells of the Concept of a Boyfriend T-Shirt (2017) {New Fragrance}

Victoria-s-secret-love-flacon.jpg American label Victoria's Secret has issued a new perfume called Love, finally. We mean that it's just called simply that, Love.

It was about time; one can wonder why they didn't think of risking themselves to launching such a revolutionary concept before, especially for a lingerie brand...

Surprised to see this seems to be a first for them, we looked at the love semantic field they have developed so far. The difference is that this new fragrance is their simplest yet as far as naming goes. Prior to picking this name, VS scents had more complicated baptism names such as Love is Heavenly, Love Addict, Love Me, Love Spell, Love Pink, In Love, or Love Rocks etc.


Can we suggest Luv for next time?

It's also the occasion for the company to propose a scent which is olfactorily conceptual for a change since it contains a "boyfriend tee-shirt" accord. This eau de parfum for women is said to be fresh, with an opening of aromatic juniper berries followed by apricot blush blooms - and finally, that intriguing smell of intimacy, multiplied and yet on point produced for the masstige market, "boyfriend tee."

SRPs are $52 and $68 for 1.7 fl. oz and 3.4 fl. oz respectively. Rollerball is currently available for $10.

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