Yohji Yamamoto I Am Not Going to Disturb You Femme & Homme (2017) {New Fragrances} {Men's Cologne}


The new scent duo by Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto entitled I Am Not Going to Disturb You Femme & I Am Not Going to Disturb You Homme, might get our prize for strangest perfume name of the year. But upon reflection, and if we forget about the kind of inspirational messages that a US brand such as Philosophy sticks on their bottles, and if we remain exclusively in the realm of the sense of olfaction, then it makes better sense in the context of Japanese culture...

If we understand that "I Am Not Going to Disturb You" literally means that, that the perfume within the bottle is not going to ruffle any feathers, be invasive, then it underlines the values of politeness and unobtrusiveness, as traditionally applied to the use of scent in Japanese society.

It is a subtle difference from the "non-perfume" concept that has been addressed in different ways in Euro-American culture. It means that you do not hate perfume but that you are making sure that one's sense of enjoyment of it is not going to become someone else's olfactive hell.

At least, this is how we interpret this strange scent name.


I Am Not Going to Disturb You Femme is said to be a floral woody musky composition. It has top notes of davana and angelica, middle notes of osmanthus and white tobacco and base notes of vanilla and musk.

I Am Not Going to Disturb You Homme has top notes of black pepper, artemisia and bergamot. Middle notes are suede and white tobacco. Base notes are amber, myrrh, vanilla and moss.

The name could be a pop culture reference for all we know. It could be an ironic statement meaning the opposite - but with all that blackness, it looks like the tone is serious. On further thoughts, and if we take a more individualistic tack, "I Am Not Going to Disturb You" might mean that the fragrance wearer is not going to be annoyed by the perfume she and he wears. It happens. In this case, we're a long way from a vision of perfume as the diva you need in your everyday life to lift you out of the mundane. Let us not forget that perfume can be more than a sum of negative, self-effacing virtues and just be enchanting. All things considered, that name is still puzzling yet efficacious; it functions as a good advertizing billboard, making you stop in your tracks and pay closer attention.

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