Demeter Power Over Breast Cancer No.2 (2017) {New Fragrance}


"Smell good. Feel Good. Do Good," These words compose the tag line for the 2017 fragrance by Demeter called Power Over Breast Cancer No.2, dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. The brand gives 20% of proceeds to Help The Fight...

Done in partnership with cancer survivor and you tuber Nancy Valentino, the formulation takes into account the heightened sensitivity to scents that's common in cancer patients.

"These fragrances are intended to inspire hope. Nancy wanted fragrances that could be worn at any time, and enjoyed by women of all ages, especially women who are fighting breast cancer. Because cancer fighters often find their senses of taste and smell are impacted by treatments, we developed these fragrances to be light and transparent and clean and wearable."

Nancy said,

"overall I wanted this fragrance to be light and airy and I think Demeter has done a great job capturing the essence of what I was imagining."

"Being diagnosed with cancer is a very scary thing and I wanted to maintain my power throughout my whole breast cancer journey," says Valentino.

The blend fuses orange blossom with white florals and sheer white musks. The partnership debuted last year with a rose perfume, which is still available, Power Over Breast Cancer No.1 (Bulgarian rose, pear, cinnamon, spices.)

You could think of it as a potential gift for pregnant women too as it is also a time when your sense of smell becomes extremely sensitive. Think of it also as a practical office scent.


For more information about Help The Fight visit

SRP: $25

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