Nicolai Patchouli Sublime (2017) {New Fragrance}

nicolai-patchouli-sublime.jpg French niche perfume house Nicolaï has created a new unisex composition entitled Patchouli Sublime, the result of a research which was started out eight years ago with Patchouli Intense (2009), now the bestseller of the brand...

Perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï has collaborated with her son Axel de Nicolaï, building new pathways to showcase the material. The method was reportedly eclectic and free-style but they wanted to "...find a new resonance in order to attain a new olfactive horizon,"

The Elixir de Parfum which came out of this quest contains even more patchouli, not just the essence but also the absolute. Lastingness is said to be exceptional.

In the top notes, mint and coriander seeds inaugurate a new, fresh sensation in the beginning. Tonka bean and tobacco absolute bring out the roundness and richness of the heart and base. Incense, leather and vanilla are said to be key to the structure of the perfume. "Unescapable" synthetic perfumery kicks in with musk and amber, which are pushed to extreme limits "echoing each other almost ceaselessly,"

Beyond the metaphor, and if the scent does last, say, for 10-12 hours, then when it's time to reapply, it can create an effect which is one of (almost) endless diffusion.

Patchouli is not just an iconic material for the house of Nicolaï, but more generally in French culture - in Parisian culture certainly - where it has been ever present since the 19th century.

Patchouli Sublime :
35 ml : 325 EUR - 90 ml : 485 EUR

Patchouli Intense :
30 ml : 56 EUR / 100 ml : 162 EUR / 250 ml + spray 15 ml : 324 EUR

[Via press release]

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