Welcome to My Humble Abode // Bienvenue dans ma modeste chaumiere {Paris Street Photography}


Welcome to My Humble Abode // Bienvenue dans ma modeste chaumière # III in The Habitat of the Homeless Series © CHANT WAGNER 2017

To mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17, we're publishing a photo taken this year on the streets of Paris, a city which despite its wealth still allows people to be homeless and barely survive on its pavement. One of the basic wishes of any human being is to have a roof over one's head - and more than that, a home...

In this picture, one can see a desperate effort at setting up a place of one's own. A Parisian lives here in misery as a row of food cans shows.This is not just a pile of garbage. The man found a modern copy of an antique chair and its addition to his decor only serves to underline the cruelty of his situation and his hope for a better life.


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