Byredo Velvet Haze (2017) {New Fragrance}

Byredo-Velvet-Haze.jpg Swedish niche label Byredo introduced a new unisex fragrance called Velvet Haze, which wishes to be a throwback scent to the 1960s era with its counter-cultural currents and search for new, heightened and artificial states of consciousness. What remains is a phrase which has now a wider metaphorical meaning...

The eau de parfum is signed by perfumer Jérôme Epinette of Robertet, who acts as the de facto in-house nose for the brand.

An initial impression of the new perfume lets you capture escaping from the bottle a sensation of great sensuality evoking the smell of warm skin and intimacy - the two are not necessarily linked by the way; it is of course much easier to recreate the scent of warm skin - like that of the nook of your arm - than of psychological intimacy.

Top notes are ambrette seed, coconut water seguing into a heart of patchouli leaves, next followed by an absolute of cacao and wild musk.

The perfume is said "to evoke the hypnotic beauty of a bonfire,"

[Via press release]

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