Heurement // Fortunely {Paris Street Photography}


Heurement // Fortunely © Chant Wagner 2017

Continuing with the series "habitat of the homeless" in Paris. Here, you can see that someone has invested the space found in a wall beneath a bridge. Instead of a door, you have a curtain made out of a checkered woolen blanket - like a Burberry plaid gone wrong - nailed to the typical beige quarry stones of the capital city...

What is noteworthy is the inscription you can read above the "door" step: "Heurement." You could translate it as a lame "Fortunely." In French, it conveys the sense that someone has created a new word, which is a compromise between "heureusement" (fortunately) and "errement(s)" (erring / mistakes). It is as if someone wanted to put up an optimistic sign which read something like "Home Sweet Home" above the entrance expressing the relative happiness of finding a place to live in, but couldn't find the hypocrisy or strength to write the full conventional word.

There is something Hugolian about the whole setup, inscription included - Notre Dame de Paris is a stone's throw away. But unfortunately, the less protective 19th century is also too close for comfort with its high levels of abject poverty described by Victor Hugo in Les Misérables.


Lost Souls ≈ Les âmes perdues

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