Kim Kardashian KKW Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus & Crystal Gardenia Oud (2017) {New Perfumes} {Celebrity Fragrances}

TV reality star Kim Kardashian is set to launch a new collection of perfumes inspired by the energy of crystals. It includes Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud.

Let's see what this means as this looks like a new direction for KKW and her fans...

Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud available worldwide 11/15 @kkwfragrance

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As we all know, Kim got ambushed while on a trip in Paris some time ago. It was traumatizing for her. So much so that she retreated from public life for a while. We see her interest in crystals as a sign that she was seeking some form of therapy. This trio of scents is the result of her walking on a healing path.

Gardenia has been a key note of her library of scents since her first perfume Kim Kardashian eau de parfum (2010), itself inspired by a modern American classic Michael Kors eau de parfum (2000). It's also a key floral and cultural note in American perfumery. This, to us, speaks also of a wish to feel grounded and remaining in familiar territory rather than breaking codes. All the more so since the gardenia note is spread out in all three fragrances.

What's interesting to note also is that the collection functions like a triptych with Crystal Gardenia at the center and two pendants, one light, the citrus scent, one dark, the oud one. We don't know yet how Kim intends to sell her wares but some people just like citrusy perfumes, others, more oriental ones. Oud has become incredibly important in Euro-American perfumery in the last decade after being a fixture in the Middle-East for centuries. Bu then, you could also use the citrus during the day and the oud during the evening and night.

The collection launches on 11/15/2017 with an advertising campaign shot by Mert & Marcus featuring Kim Kardashian wearing crystals with both a nude (citrus) and smoky (oud) makeup look pictured in black (oud) and white (citrus). It's all about light and darkness and being reborn.

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