Man in Overcoat // Homme au pardessus {Paris Street Photography}


Man in Overcoat // Homme au pardessus © Chant Wagner 2017

Day 18 of the Advent Street Photography project. This man in an overcoat made me think of the persons who spend Christmastime alone, not of their own choice, but because they can't help it...

While family gatherings are a rule, we can also think about the people for whom imposed solitude is even more harshly felt at this time of the year.

The next day, I saw the same man in a bus apparently talking to and fussing over a baby or child, which I couldn't see, and I thought "see, how appearances can be misleading. He's a grand-father. He's not alone." But then, he walked away on his own, stepped out of the bus like the stranger that he was actually.

Today, I overheard women complaining about all the efforts they have to make over the Holidays: seeing the family, running errands for Christmas gifts, cooking - and they said they didn't like it one bit.

For some, solitude or freedom from societal constraints is the ultimate luxury - and maybe, in some ways, that man is living a life of high-luxury, free of constraints, with his hands in his pockets.

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