Tweet & Dance for World Aids Day // Tweet & danse pour la Journée Mondiale de Lutte contre le Sida {Paris Street Photography}


Tweet & Dance // Tweet & danse © Chant Wagner 2017

To celebrate the first day of December, World Aids Day / #WorldAidsDay and Twitter communication, which is so key to spreading golden nuggets of information - you still need to be critical-minded - at lightning speed across the connected parts of the globe, we're posting this picture of an abstract yet recognizable Paris dancing its way to the Holidays...

Serendipity allowed for the luminous suggestion of a red ribbon, symbolizing the committment to fight and eradicate Aids, to materialize. Yes, it's in there, like Charlie is, somewhere.

Also, check out below the very useful infographic created by to explain how to avoid risky situations leading to the disease and how to test for HIV. You might have HIV and not know it because for some situations you routinely rely on a basic level of trust (hospital equipment) rather than personal agency, which ultimately is illusory as far as 0% risk is concerned. An HIV test remains the best way to check on your health status.


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