Demeter Ambergris (2018) {New Fragrance}


American label of curious and curiouser scents Demeter Fragrance Library has issued a new unisex perfume which pays homage to a traditional, historical - and even mythological ingredient of perfumery, Ambergris from the French "ambre gris" (lit. gray amber)...

Demeter does perfumes like New Balls, Kitten Fur, Petrichor or Baby Shampoo. But today, they turn to a classic scent.

We once described the real-McCoy ambergris, i.e., natural kind - and it's a little olfactory world in and of itself, a bit like a world in miniature.

According to the brand, the scent is described as having,

"Warm, earthy and spicy, with vanilla undertones. True Ambergris is a whale by-product and currently over $5,000 per pound. Our Ambergris is synthetic, but still maintains much of that animalistic musk so unique to the original"

Demeter-Ambergris-2.jpg The composition is also inspired by a poem,

Haunted by the Sweet Scent of Ambergris
By Redbarchettadrive

To usher in
the wind of change,
you have to make room--

you must rearrange.

To slumber in fields
way down by the sea,
to be haunted by the scent
of sweet ambergris.

Where the tolling
bells of time will mend
those long, lost hours
when you needed a friend--

they will resonate with
reason until the end.

Price range for the cologne is $4-$40.

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